West Hartford Democratic Town Committee Meeting of February 21, 2019

Minutes by Steve Derby, Secretary

Convene: 7:10 p.m.

Guests welcomed and introduced. 

Secretary’s Report:  Attendance taken, minutes of January 17, 2019 approved.

Treasurer’s Report by James Marinan:  $6,000 in our bank account.

State Central Report by Joe Stafford:  Former Lt Gov Nancy Wyman is now our Democratic Party Chair.  As always, she shows up everywhere.   Joe introduces Esam Boraeg, State Central’s Policy and Organizing staff person.

Mayor’s Report:  Good news! We have received the Democracy Cup Award for highest turnout for a town of our size – 70%!  80% of our democrats turned out!  Mayor Cantor thanked the DTC for all the good work that it does.  It is now budget season for the Town Council.  State bonding will be lower this year. She is expecting lower education cost sharing contributions from the State.  Teacher’s contract has been approved.  Expecting the Fire Fighters contract to be approved soon.

Board of Education:  no report

Legislative Report:  Jillian Gilchrest provides an update on issues before the legislature – Debt diet, Medicare savings, improved digital technology, opioid treatment, minimum wage increase, paid family and medical leave, plastic bag usage, vaping, safe storage for guns, banning of ghost guns, tolls w/ a CT resident discount, recreational Marijuana, tax on ammunition, support for manufacturing job training, encouragement for regionalization town services.  She is on the appropriations committee and the education committee. 


Chairs Report:  Jon Slifka reviewed the process for filling Derek’s House position should he win the Senate seat in Tuesday’s special election.  There will be another special election 45 days after a vacancy is declared.  Anyone interested in running for the house position should reach out to the Town Committee Chair and to delegates to the nominating convention.  (delegates are the same as for Derek’s nominating convention).  The candidate chosen at the convention will be the endorsed candidate.  There is no provision for a primary.  Dave McClusky recommended that delegates have an informal ‘meet and greet’ with candidates before the convention. 


Special Senate Election:  Derek Slap gives us an update on his campaign.  He’s working hard and thanks everyone for their support.  All are invited to Butterfly’s to watch Election returns.  Election day HQ will be at 116 Brewster Road.  He is looking for poll standing volunteers and drivers for rides to the polls.  A strong turn out from West Hartford will greatly increase our chances for a win.

Adjourn:  8:00 p.m.