“We the People” Plan Third Vigil

A third silent, peaceful vigil will be held in West Hartford on Saturday, November 14 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM by the group “We the People.”

Open to the public, the vigil will take place on the site of the former UCONN campus, near the main parking lot on Trout Brook Drive.

Participants will stand quietly holding posters with the names of Black and Brown men and women who have been killed or victimized by law enforcement.

Said organizers Gail Crockett and Rosemarie Tate, “Again we stand to call attention to the institutional racism that scars our society and civil institutions. There are too many examples of misconduct by law enforcement in this country. The ugly roots of this crisis date back to slavery in America. Racism must end in this nation if the U.S. Constitution’s principles of justice, equality, and democracy for all to prevail.”

Facemasks and social distancing by participants are required. There is ample free parking available and the area is handicapped accessible. All ages are welcome.