Tammy Exum Nominated for 19th District House Seat

At a virtual convention held on Monday, May 18, Tammy Exum was unanimously nominated to be the Democratic Party candidate for the 19th State House District.

In a video posted to social media, Tammy accepted the party nomination and spoke briefly about the kind of leadership we need in Hartford. The video link is below. “It is an honor to accept your nomination to be the Democratic Party candidate as I run for my first full term to represent the 19th State House District, which includes part of Avon, Farmington, and West Hartford,” Exum said. “Now I realize, that understandably, during a global pandemic, local politics might not be top of mind for most people. However, the leaders we send to Hartford this November will make decisions over the next few years that will determine how successful families and businesses recover from this health and economic crisis.

“To get things done, we need leaders who bring people together and listen to community input. That’s exactly what I’ve done my entire life.” Exum added, “If re-elected, I promise to continue to use every ounce of my advocacy skills to focus on addressing the many pressing issues that this pandemic has forced to the forefront, such as access to affordable healthcare, access to quality education and employment, particularly for those requiring special accommodations, and access to voting through absentee ballots.”

Exum concluded, “As a country, we’ve faced immense challenges before and overcame them by working together. I am hopeful that this generation of Americans will meet the moment.”

For more information, or to learn more about the Exum campaign, readers can visit the campaign website exum2020.com or email info@exum2020.com