Letter to the Editor – Adam Raider


I’m writing to share with you why I’ll be supporting Jillian Gilchrest, Senator Beth Bye, Congressman John Larson, and the rest of the Democratic ticket on ballots this Nov. 6 … and why I hope you’ll do the same.

As a Caucasian (nay, extremely Caucasian) heterosexual male with a stable job, a roof over my head, and the blessing of good health, I know that my fortunes won’t change dramatically based on the political party in power. So it is for my wife, my daughter and my neighbors – neighbors of every sexual orientation, faith tradition, ethnic background and country of origin – that I support those working to improve the lives of ALL Connecticut residents. Our Democratic candidates for office, who have inspired me throughout this election season with their tenacity and courage, are laser-focused on achieving that goal – read more here on We-Ha.com