If you want to be a part of the Democrats 2020 Primary

The deadline to switch political parties is fast approaching. January 28 is the deadline for enrolled party members to switch from one political party to the other — that includes the independent party.  Voters can change their party affiliation at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or at the secretary of state’s website using an ID and email account.

If you would like to change/update your current party affiliation to Democrat so you can participate in the upcoming 2020 presidential primary – just click here https://voterregistration.ct.gov/OLVR/welcome.do .

If you want to reach out to learn more – please contact the West Hartford office of the Registrar of Voters – https://www.westhartfordct.gov/gov/departments/registrars_of_voters/default.asp

Be a part of history – register to vote and make your voice heard!