House Democrats Event 9/27

Connecticut House of Representatives Democratic Caucus with West Hartford DemocratsNext Thursday, September 27th from 6-8 pm at  21 Cedar Ledge, West Hartford at the home of House Majority Leader MATT RITTER’s sister Jessica there will be a fundraiser to keep the State House of Representatives DEMOCRATIC.  

A note from David McCluskey – former State Representative / Deputy House Speaker:

“As you know, the House Democrats only has a narrow working majority.  We need to grow the Democratic Caucus to advance an Progressive Agenda and to mitigate any bad federal legislation as much as possible. 

I know at this time of year you are being deluged with requests for money from candidates and causes.  Passing Good Legislation and Defeating Bad is where the rubber hits the road.  Unless the House Democrats have a significant majority (and Yes the Senate too), as we have seen since the 2016 election, good legislation dies or gets watered down significantly in order to pass. I hope you will consider attending this event if possible.”