From John Bailey – WHDTC Communications Chair – last few weeks…

Ned Lamont, John Bailey, Shari Cantor and Bob Hurvitz at June fundraiser for the WHDTC

Team WHDTC is time to fire up the “Afterburners”. We are less than a month to go to Election Day and West Hartford continues to be a critical piece in our Democratic Ticket. I can’t tell you the amount of times I have been told by members of statewide campaigns that see West Hartford as a critical piece in the 2018 election election cycle.

So it’s time to roll up our sleeves and fire up our friends and neighbors – Speaking of firing up our neighbors, there were some great events last week that provided great visibility,

Starting on with the Community Conversation held at the Elmwood Community Center, where William, Beth, and Jillian fielded important questions the audience on the opioid crisis, net neutrality, the cost of prescription drugs, along with a number of other issues

Saturday was a fun day at the Park Road Parade where the WHDTC table was the place to be… kids and parents came by for candy, red, white, and blue beaded necklaces, candidate lit and lawn signs. Not exaggerating,      most of our candidate lawn signs were gone by the time folks where leaving the parade. Team Gilchrest had a great canvass and afterwards many folks headed down to the Hartford Women Vote Ned rally with Donna Brazile. 

Sunday’s main event was the gubernatorial forum held at the Emanuel Synagogue. This was a big event and our Field Team made sure that Bob (and OZ) knew WeHa is Lamont Country.  With all this said, there is much more that needs to be accomplished to ensure West Hartford is firing on all pistons when our GOTV operation kicks in. 



This activity is so important for us to identify the universe of voters (Dems and  Unaffiliated Voter) that we will focus on during the GOTV operation. 

  • This Wednesday and Thursday (6-8) we need our WHDTC members to come down to 101 South Street to make calls.  We need to make those Identification Calls and work through the districts, so please come down and make calls.  If you want to volunteer to come by, you don’t have to be a member of the DTC to help, just a concerned citizen that wants to get the vote out. Email us at 
  • One WordCANVASSING This is where we make the most difference in identifying critical voters. The more volunteers we get to canvass for our candidates the more of our neighbors hear our democratic message. 
  • Saturday, the 13th,  there will be a joint Bye / Gilchrest canvass at 10 a.m. starting from the Town Hall.  Getting into the neighborhoods makes a world of difference when unaffiliated votes consider who they are going to vote for on election day. 

Looking forward to seeing you at HQ and Saturday for some great canvassing. Go-Fight-Win !