Calling all Democrats who want to be candidates this Fall…

If you are interested in running for Town Council or Board of Education this coming November – this post is for you. Please note the dates and time and requirements. If you have any questions – please email the WHDTC here – thank you and good luck! GO! FIGHT WIN!

TOWN COMMITTEE MEETING – June 10th (630p) at the Town Hall third floor

Monday, June 10th, the WHDTC meeting will be reserved for all interested parties to share a short (3 minute) explanation of interest to the body.  Please keep in mind that we will be keeping to this time frame for time sake and will be asked to wrap up if extending over this allotted time. Members will be allowed to ask follow up questions, but this time will also be limited.

INTERVIEWS done by the Executive Committee- June 12th 

– Interviews will be held one at a time, being held on Wednesday, June 12th from 6pm-8pm in the Council Chambers of Town Hall (stay tuned for any location changes).

– Incumbents, as well as those newly interested, are all expected to participate in the interview process.

– The Executive Committee will develop their recommendations to share with the DTC.

TOWN COMMITTEE MEETING – June 20th (630p) at the Town Hall third floor

– The Executive Committee will share their recommendations with the body and continue with further business.  The convention will be held at a later date that will be guided by the rules of the State Party of Connecticut .