Become a part of Team Biden

Our presidential primary is August 11th and the most important election in our lifetimes is only a few months away.  Joe Biden and America need you now. 

Our Connecticut campaign team is already busy organizing easily trained Call Teams using our statewide cell phone data base with calling and tracking capacity.  We are contacting Connecticut voters and voters in battleground states like Pennsylvania Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona and North Carolina. This includes reminding absentee and mail in voters because of COVID as well as special efforts to engage women, voters of color and other key constituencies. 

Will you help now?  More and more Town Committees are joining our grassroots Call Team initiative.  Volunteers will be organized and trained to make calls and document results with a basic commitment of one to two hours weekly.  Team members will also “meet” virtually each week for no more than 30 minutes to debrief.

What do you need to do? Email ( or text (860-818-2506) to volunteer and provide your preferred email and phone contacts.  We will then follow up with you, get organized and get to work. 

Please join us now.