A message from our Town Chair regarding 2018…

This is such an exciting time for our town! Jonathan Harris officially announced his run for Governor last Saturday! It is now time for us to capitalize on this.

As such, I am moving our DTC meeting from March 15th to March 8th. The purposes of this meeting will be to officially endorse Jonathan Harris and to elect our Officers for the coming two years. We will have some other business to discuss as well.

We will also have a meeting on March 27th at 7 PM in Town Hall Auditorium. The purpose of this meeting will be to endorse our slate of delegates to the State Convention. You will be hearing from your District Chairs in the days to come regarding delegate selection.

What a proud time to be a West Hartford Democrat! I look forward to seeing all of you and working with you in the coming months. Thank you. Go! Fight! Win!

Jon Slifka

Town Chair, West Hartford Connecticut Democrats

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